2012 Resolicipes (Resolutions/Recipes we’d like to try)

Because we have been on hiatus (Carol had carpal tunnel syndrome….she was diagnosed by Wen and WebMD.com), we are coming back in 2012 with a resolute mind to post more (and have guest posts, too!).  However, while we’re gaining the momentum to get back into posting mode (namely, Carol needs to move back to Boston from winter break), we’re listing recipes we definitely want to try soon:

1. Pumpkin Cheddar Mac and Cheese

2. Braised Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Pecans

When Wen (When Wen, haha!) picked out this recipe, Carol responded: GROSS! to which Wen said, “STOP HATING ON BRUSSEL SPROUTS”

FYI, Wen is trying to get Carol to eat her veggies in the New Year.  Last time, Carol defended herself by informing Wen that she ate plenty of onions and garlic.  Wen informed Carol that garlic was not a vegetable.  

3. Mexican Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Carol also thought this sounded gross, but Wen informed Carol that she had no taste* and creativity.  Carol posted this recipe only because she loves Wen.  She is quickly finding that Wen and her have very different 2012 resolicipes.

 me:  omg wen!
some of these are SO GROSS SOUNDING
 Wen:  WHAT?
but so creative!
it’s silken tofu
 me:  omg
i refuse
 Wen:  no taste
i’ll post it
 Wen:  don’t judge before trying!
 me:  WITH A

[THERE IS NO PICTURE FOR THIS CREATION.  Use your imagination to picture weird tofu chocolate thing]

4. Carol is tired and will post more later.  Happy New Year everyone! We love our 5 friends and Celia (Wen’s cousin) who read this blog.

* Correction (a la New York Times)
Wen:  HEY
i didn’t mean you had no taste
i meant tofu had no taste:P

About Wen and Carol Cook in Boston

Wen is an MD/PhD candidate at the Harvard Medical School. She is a monster tennis player and ran her first marathon in October 2011! Carol is a current student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education studying Education Policy and Management. She likes to cook anything that is easy, figuring out new ways to multitask when preparing meals, and then watching Arrested Development while enjoying the fruits of her cooking. Wen and Carol both know the words to every song in The Sound of Music.

4 responses to “2012 Resolicipes (Resolutions/Recipes we’d like to try)

  1. I hope you try and like the mac and cheese – I sure loved it!! Happy 2012!

  2. Seriously, you both crack me up! And if you make a big recipe of that pumpkin mac & cheese, feel free to invite me over. I’m also willing to try that Mexican Chocolate Tofu Pudding, mainly because I love the graphic so much. (And Ian likes brussel sprouts apparently. I never knew that.)

  3. chewy

    i love brussel sprouts! let me know how it is, and i too, shall attempt to be domestic! =)

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